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The Important Benefits of Drum Enclosure

If you have ever seen a band perform live, you have probably noticed that the drummer sits behind a translucent glass or plastic drum screen. Generally, many people ask what the objective of these screens and what difference they make. Actually, the objective of this enclosure is to keep the sound dispersion throughout the room to a minimum. Because drums are typically louder than other acoustic instruments, a cage may be required to balance the sound level. The purpose of having a separate room exclusively for drums in a professional studio or using a drum cage if there is no one is to restrict the quantity of drum sound spilling into microphones recording other instruments, which can also be the situation during a live event.

Drummers can use drum screens or drum enclosures to help manage the drum kit’s volume and prevent it from overpowering the other instruments or vocals. Screens can also help drummers pick up certain sounds and modify the quality of the drum kit’s sound. This allows them to achieve the tone they want while also allowing you to enjoy the music without one instrument taking over. You can find below some of the benefits of using drum enclosures or drum screens:

Control The Drums Loudness

Drum shields or drum enclosures are available in a variety of sizes and combinations. They are made with high-quality acrylic panels that are transparent with the purpose of avoiding sound collision during the performance. Aside from deflecting drum sounds away from your audience, it also makes them ideal for live performance circumstances that require maximum control over the sound environment.

Provide Clean Mix

Drum shields provide effective acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio, making them ideal for use in small spaces such as worship houses, small-venue gig spaces, recording studios or even bands that need their drum mix to blend well with low volume instruments like jazz and others. This lets musicians hear themselves better by reducing drum, guitar amp and other loud instruments bleeding into neighboring vocal or quieter instrument mics.

Easy To Install

Full-length hinges and cable cutouts are included in all panel systems and there are essentially no gaps between panels for sound to escape. These panels are composed of strong yet translucent acrylic plastic and are designed for usage on stage or elsewhere when drum kit sound separation is needed. It’s very simple to put together and comes with a carrying case that allows you to travel and store up to seven acrylic panels at once. When you are traveling or on tour with your band, the handy carrying case has a zipped opening and sewn-in padded lining to protect the panels.


So if you need to tame live drums in a worship situation or simply want clear and efficient sound isolation without bleeding into the mics of other instruments or vocals, drum enclosures are the best answer. They are conveniently available at any music store near you. This music instrument store will also possess advanced drum shield technology and offer the most durable goods on the market. In addition, they also offer drum shield panels in a variety of configurations to meet your specific requirements.

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