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Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter

Sat, Oct 18, 2008

Need a way to get around that won’t cost a fortune? Need a fun diversion for sunny afternoons? The Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter is the answer. Scooters are not just kids’ toys anymore, especially electric Razor scooters. Perfect for older children, teens, and even adults, the Razor E200S delivers durability, convenience, and excitement for your whole family.

Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter The Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter has a chain-driven motor and runs on two rechargeable 12-volt batteries. With a twist-grip throttle for acceleration, you can cruise down the sidewalk or driveway at up to 15 miles per hour. This electric scooter offers about 45 minutes of continuous riding before it needs a charge. Plug it in at night, and in the morning, you’re ready to go. You will be surprised at the comfort of this cool little ride. The wide 8 inch pneumatic tires will make even bumpy, uneven road surfaces feel smooth and will offer great stability. The seat is cushioned for additional comfort on your trips around town or down the block.

This electric Razor scooter is one of the best toys you can get for your whole family: the adjustable handlebars make it easy for you to go for a ride and then for your older child to hop on after. The wide deck and sturdy frame of the E200S offers exceptional usability for most size riders. And since its maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds, most of your family should be able to enjoy this great scooter. Top toys are versatile as well as fun. The Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter can also be used standing. If sitting is not for you, simply remove the seat, and you’re ready to go.

Razor scooters offer sleek, fun design, safety, durability, and usability. Whether the scooter is for you or for your child, it will be an instant favorite. Use it to make short trips to the store or park and save on gas, use it to get to a friend’s house, or just for the fun of it. This is a great scooter for a great price.

Customer Reviews

Has a Kick to it!!5
I love Razor’s custumer service,they shipped me a great performing scooter for no cost because of a past recall. When I got the scooter I was impressed with it. I bought the same scooter 4 years ago and it broke but Razor’s quailty went up,Great work. After opening up the package Razor even lets the customer use the scooter right away. The accleration speed and battery life greatly improved. Thank you Razor!!

good but not great3
The scooter is good, works fine, good battery life and stable but with someone even close to the rated load it has inadequate clearance between the ground and the motor. I got this one for my wife the 100 for my child (she loves it) and the 300 for me. Just driving around the neighborhood and hitting little dips in the road on the 200 will cause the motor to hit the street very hard. The 100 has a solid wheel so even though the clearance is low it does not suffer the same fate. If you are going to get a bigger scooter than the 100 then go for the 300, the clearance issue is much improved for that model.

Dead in under a year1
Bought this hunk of metal in November 2007 for my 5 year old. I call it a hunk of metal because thats basically what it is now. Under a year I have had to repair the rear end because of some grinding noise that began to happen within a month of riding it. Now the battery won’t even hold a charge. This thing is Garbage. Stay Away! If you get one and it works go buy a lottery ticket cause its your lucky day.