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Tracker Plus Electric Scooter

The sleek, silver Tracker Plus Electric Scooter is brand new and offers a nice combination of speed and style. The Tracker has a top speed of 12 mph and easy to fold down to store, charge, or transport. The tracker is highly durable due to its steel tensile frame. The rear drum brake enables quick stopping by giving the rider a rapid braking system

The tracker is also loaded with features to enhance the riding experience. The smart battery helps to save battery life, but does not need to be run down all the way in order to recharge the battery. The tracker comes standard with flashing safety lights to alert other riders and vehicles of its presence.


  • Speed up to 12 MPH
  • Folds Instantly for easy storange
  • Range Up to 8 miles
  • Recharge time 3 Hours
  • Frame high tensile steel
  • Drive: quiet belt system
  • Motor Type/Wattage:DC Motor, 12-volt 180 watt Ceramic, Permanent magnet DC motor, High Output, .5 hp at 3,500-RPM peak.
  • Solid state, single speed, safety On/Off throttle shuts off motor when released
    Push N' Go Rider pushes to start, for safer operation and extended battery range.
  • Battery Pack/Voltage: Sealed Lead Acid 12 volt, 20 amp/hour
  • Lighting set included: Head and taillights as well as motion sensitive handlebar end lights
  • Wiring Components: high quality wiring Harness Cover/Protector for brake and throttle wires
  • Frame lightweight twin tube high quality
  • Paint/Finish black onyx/chrome plated
  • Carrying Capacity 175 lbs *
  • Scooter Weight 44 lbs fits in an auto trunk easily
  • Dimensions Folded 42.0" x 14.0" x 12.0"
  • Easy folding, safe double latching mechanism
  • Brake type rear 70mm band brake sure stopping
  • Power, High Quality Brake Lever
  • Handlebar Easily Foldable #6061 Alloy Aluminum
  • Extra Wide Handlebars For Easy Handling
  • Adjustment Easily Adjustable Handlebar Height Pin and Groove Slot-Locking Height Adjustment
  • Rims/Tires: Nylon Rims, Rubber Tire Size 200 x 50 4 ply Pneumatic
  • Body Panels ABS Plastic Body and Aluminum Panels
  • Provides Battery Case Protection
  • Deck Material Bead-Blasted Aluminum Features
  • Safety (Non-Slip) Grip Tape

Charger Type:

  • 115 to 230 volt, 3 amp Smart Charger Does Not Overcharge Batteries.
  • Charging Time: 3 hours. Store battery in a charged state. Smart charger will extend battery Life
  • Price: $399.00