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T-350 Electric Scooter

The T-350 electric scooter is an excellent range scooter with a sturdy design and good power. To start, the T-350 does not come with a plastic deck. Plastic decks can easily break, scratch, or fall apart. If that happens, plastic decks are no longer usable since you can not step on them. The T-350 however has an anodized aluminum deck and is extremely sturdy. The forks holding up the wheels are also very well built and should not bend or break when a person is riding the scooter.

The T-350 also has 3 individual batteries. These three batteries all fit snugly under the deck and are out of the way of the rider. In addition, these batteries give the T-350 an exceptionally long range for a scooter. The batteries can let the rider ride anywhere between 20 and 24 miles per change, depending on the weight of the rider. If the rider were going up a hill, obviously, the range would decrease significantly. However, the range that this scooter provides is truly better than any scooter in its class.

T-350 Electric ScooterIn addition to an excellent long range, the T-350 electric scooter also comes with stong power. The scooter has a 350 watt motor that delivered excellent pickup in our rides. This makes the scooter very fun to ride an lets you get where you needto go a lot more quickly. In addition to the motor, the T-350 has a lot of speed and goes really fast once you get the scooter going.

In terms of climbing hills, the scooter can do it, but it is not a true hill climber. The scooter can handle most light to moderate grades with an average rider. However, it is probably not a good idea to take steeper hills, particularly with a heavier rider. If you do go up hills, the scooter will not getthe same type of range that you get on flat surfaces.

The t-350 also offers freewheel capability. This lets you save the battery when you do not need it and helps you have more control over your speed and direction. This is particularly helpful in crowded areas, especially with the pick up of the T-350. The T-350 also has large and very thick 10 inch tires. These tires are different than most scooter tires and seem to be very durable. The T-350 can go over rough areas in the road very well and can handle going over bumps better than most electrics.

The T-350 is also priced affordable. Many scooters of this type would be well in excess of $300. However the T-350 is typically prices between $249 and $299. we feel that this scotoer is a great fun scooter and is an excellent value for an experienced rider. This should also be a popular Christmas gift for the holiday season.