Why Buy A Gas Motor Scooter?


Gas powered scooter products pair the foldable portability of an electric scooter with the power of a gasoline-driven motorcycle. With the gas powered scooters at Gas Scooter Store, you can ride 15-30 mph and cruise for 25-30 miles on one tank of gas! The engines in each gas powered scooter is very efficient. Imagine how much money you would save if your car ran at 60 miles per gallon! Save money on gas simply by using your scooter for trips to work, school or the store.

  • A Time-Saver. In traffic-congested areas, motorized scooters are quicker than cars. Imagine gliding through traffic jams, completely stress-free, on your way to work or to class.
  • An Earth-Saver. Did you know that the average car emits one pound of CO2 for every mile traveled? Help slow global-warming and use your gas scooter or moped instead of your car. For every 500 miles a scooter is used in place of a car, approximately 25 gallons of fuel is saved.
  • Plus, An Exciting Fun-Time-Maker! Most of all, riding scooters is fun. Feel the wind blow through your hair as you speed down the street. Isn't that better than stuffing yourself into a boxy car to get from place to place? And if you are a parent, there is nothing more fun than riding electric scooters with your kids.


Yamaha Razz Scooter

Featured Gas Motor Scooters

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Cobra Extreme

The all new Cobra Extreme lets you take the fun offroad! This Cobra is dirt ready and comes with many upgraded features that make it ready for whatever you throw at it. Some of these features include large nobby tires, a beefed up suspension and frame, along with both front and rear disc brakes!

If you're ready for a little grittier rugged action than the street can offer, then head for the hills (of dirt) with the Cobra Extreme.

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Cobra 2-Stroke

This Cobra 2-stroke can travel up to 25 miles per hour and comes packed with features! You'll have a blast cruising through town or the country side. Take your choice of color... black, red or yellow!

-Sporty Design
-Great for On and Off-Road
-Easy Operation & Easy Starting

- Top Quality Cobra Engine

The Cobra Gas Scooter is great for commuting and open road driving, and is also ideal on gravel or sandy surfaces. The Cobra can be used with the seat in place, or in a standing position with the seat removed.


ENGINE: 41.5 cc gasoline
ACCELERATION: 0 ~ 30 km/h in 4.5 seconds
MAX SPEED: 40 km/h ~ 25 mph
MAX INCLINATION: 15 to 20 degrees
FUEL TYPE: Lubricating oil plus gasoline mix
FUEL CONSUMPTION: 40 km per liter
DRIVE METHOD: Dual belt drive

Discount price: $499.95

Gas Versus Electric Scooters

Gas is more convenient since you can refill at any service station. With electric scooters, you have few options for recharging - usually this can only be done at home or work. Also, the gas scooter is more powerful, with a faster maximum speed. The Cobra Gas Scooter is the strongest and most durable scooter on the market.

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Dual Electric and Gas Powered Scooter


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