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More information on 4 stroke gas scooter

Medical scooters are mobility assisting vehicles, with three or four wheels. This scooter is mostly used by people with limited mobility, stroke survivors, those with severe arthritis and elderly people. Earlier, models of medical scooters were heavy. But, with the advance of technology, more innovative lightweight models of medical scooters are being introduced in the market.

The medical scooter with three wheels is designed to carry weight up to 220 to 250 pounds. The four wheeled medical scooter can hold a maximum weight of 350 to 400 pounds. When compared with three wheel medical scooters, four wheel medical scooters are heavy and bulky. Both the three wheel and four wheel medical scooters can be folded into 3 or 4 sections after use. Thus, medical scooters can be easily carried on cars, vans or other vehicles.

There are both electrical powered and gas powered medical scooters. Among these two power modes, the electrical powered medical scooter is the most popular type in the market. This can be used for long and short distance drives. The gas powered medical scooter is not permitted in all states in America, because of the pollution it causes.

Medical scooters come with various features, to help the physically disabled to operate the vehicle easily. Some features of medical scooters are auto-latching lockup mechanism, swivel seat, headlight, basket and seat with different levels of adjustment. To meet individual taste, medical scooters are available in assorted colors and models.

The cost of a medical scooter is based on its capacity. A medical scooter with small capacity will cost around $800, and the larger versions cost approximately $5,000. Today, the scooter market is flooded with different brands of medical scooters. Honda, Invacare, Wheelcare, Pacesaver, Trail Blazer, Easy-Light, Pride and Ranger are some of the most popular brands. Depending on the availability, all brands of medical scooters can be purchased from local outlets or online stores.

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