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Safety applies to just about everything we do, including when you get a new scooter. Gas scooters and electric scooters require you to be safety conscious.

Electric scooters can be either of the sit down type with a seat, or a stand up without a seat. Before riding your electric scooter follow these guidelines:

1. Always ensure that the tires are inflated to their recommended pressures. A weak or low tire can cause you to skip while turning and will eventually cause a flat.

2. Make sure that there are no exposed wires, especially around the wheels. An exposed wire can be hazardous to the proper functioning of an electric scooter if it gets cought or frayed, can possibly catch fire.

3. Make sure that the rider knows how to properly use the brake and throttle. When you first get your electric scooter, you need to get familiar with it’s controls. A new rider can easily get out of control if he or she does not know how to properly use the throttle or brake.

4. New riders need to become familiar with the feeling of riding their new scooter. Start out slow and work your way up. Open the throttle just a little to get going and get used to the way the balance feels. When you are comfortable, you may give it a little more juice.

Gas scooters can be a little intimidating for some. Even if this is not the case, care and paying attention are mandatory. Following these guideline will ensure long term happiness and less opportunity for an accident with your gas scooter.

1. Be extremely careful upon startup. Depending on how the idle is set, when you start your gas scooter, it may want to take off immediately. ALWAYS keep one hand on the brake to prevent this.

2. Gas scooters can get away from you in a flash. The throttle on gas scooters are usually of the motorcycle twist type and if you are not careful, you can end up opening it all the way with ease.

3. Depending on the scooter, all come with rear brakes, and some come with front brakes as well. For the scooters that come with front brakes, we recommend that you do not have the front brakes too tight. If by accident, you hit the front brakes and they are tight, then you could end up video download over the top. Our recommendation is to disable the front brake, but others would disagree. Point here is get used to which is the front and which is the rear to prevent wiping out.

4. All gas scooters vibrate while riding. Some more than others. Be ready for your legs to vibrate while you ride. If you have a seat, it is more comfortable, but depending on your scooter, a seat may not be an option.

It is important to remember that all scooters need to be treated with respect and by taking the time to get to know your scooter, you will have more time to enjoy it.

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