Why Buy An Electric Scooter?

  • It's a Time-Saver: In traffic-congested areas, scooters are quicker than cars.
  • It's an Earth-Saver. Did you know that the average car emits one pound of CO2 for every mile traveled? Help slow global-warming and use your electric scooter instead of your car.
  • It's an Exciting Fun-Time-Maker! Most of all, riding scooters is fun. Feel the wind blow through your hair as you speed down the street. Isn't that better than stuffing yourself into a boxy car to get from place to place?

Featured Electric Scooters

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Cobra Strike Pro

The Cobra Strike Pro is a high-end electric scooter with superior features like an aluminum alloy racing front suspension, high tinsile steel frame, front and rear disk brakes, and a twist grip variable speed throttle. This electric scooter is even chain driven! The features and quality of this scooter are truly great... the fun you'll have zipping around your neighborhood at 17 mph is even better.

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E-Transporter E-Scooter

Every design detail has been painstakingly thought out, from the front and rear turn signals, high powered headlight and advanced rear disk brakes. Seat is adjustable and removable. For added safety, non-slip rubber foot pads have been integrated. And because it?s electric you?ll be the first to get around town and not be hit by high gas prices. Cruise to work, school, beach or to the grocery store. You?ll have fun cruising wherever your heart takes you. But always remember, this is not a toy.


-Recommended Age :>14
-Recharge times:> 300 or 6,000miles
-Charge time: 4 hours
-Speed: 12 mph
-Distance: 12~15 miles
-Motor power: 250W
-Battery Capacity: 12Ah, 24V
-Load: 220lbs
-Brake: handle brake and power off
-Driving method: chain/belt

Discount price: $ 199.95

Gas Versus Electric Scooters

Gas is more convenient since you can refill at any service station. With electric scooters, you have few options for recharging - usually this can only be done at home or work. Also, the gas scooter is more powerful, with a faster maximum speed. The Cobra Gas Scooter is the strongest and most durable scooter on the market.

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