Why Buy An Electric Bike?

New Article: Stylish Sakura Electric Chopper

Sakura Electric ChopperHaving said all this, my opinion of electric bikes has improved over the past week after testing Sakura Battery's new Mustang Chopper. It comes with all the same operational flaws as every other electric bike I have ever come across but it does have one important difference - it looks cool.

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Ten good reasons from A to B magazine:

1. Hill climbing with ease
2. Safety - low speed and easy control
3. Cost - it's cheap
4. Personal Fitness
5. No Sweat!
6. Clean & Green
7. Genuinely Sustainable
8. Faster travel than walking
9. High Resale Value
10. Motorised, but no Red Tape!

Featured Electric Bikes

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Rietti GTX Electric Bike

YES, it's a bicycle...An extraordinarily powerful electric bike with the most aerodynamic curves imaginable. One glance at the Rietti GTX Electric Bike and you know immediately the source of inspiration from which it came. The world's greatest Italian sports cars and super bikes are clearly a part of the Rietti's bloodline. Absolutely nothing about this SUPER-Bike is ordinary. From the sleek wind-tunnel tested outer ABS shell to the powerful inner motor and long life rechargeable battery, everything on this incredible bike has been designed to provide the ultimate cycling experience. The rush of excitement you'll experience will be like none you've ever felt before on an electric bike.


-Size: 57.5" x 23.25" x 34.25"
-Net Weight 70lbs
-Limited Load 275 lbs.
-Max Speed <= 12 m/h
-BATTERY Voltage 24V (12V x2)
-BATTERY Volume 12 AH
-Output Power 180 W
-Low Voltage Protect 21V

Discount price: $ 449.95
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Gas Versus Electric Scooters

Gas is more convenient since you can refill at any service station. With electric scooters, you have few options for recharging - usually this can only be done at home or work. Also, the gas scooter is more powerful, with a faster maximum speed. The Cobra Gas Scooter is the strongest and most durable scooter on the market.

Cool Scooter Picture

eGO Cycle 2
Price: $999

Image Source: eGO

Oxygen Atala

Source: A to B Magazine