Cool Pictures: Electric Scooter

Electric vehicles (EVs) are cars that run on electricity stored in batteries. EVs are often confused with hybrid electric vehicles which combine an internal combustion engine with a battery. EVs are the only truly zero emission car available today because they have no tailpipe exhaust and no evaporative emissions from fuel systems. Manufacturers have developed a broad spectrum of EVs - from neighborhood electric cars which can be used for short trips around town to full function electric cars which can be used for longer trips and have the body of conventional cars. The availability and styles of these vehicles vary from year to year, but with battery technology getting more sophisticated, manufacturers will have the ability to design electric vehicles with extended range, faster charging and more power.

Perks and Conveniencesbattery scooters

  • Drive alone in the HOV lane
  • Free parking in some areas
  • Tax incentives from the Federal government
  • Cash incentives towards the lease or purchase of an EV from ARB and some local agencies
  • You can recharge at your home or work - you don¡å¯«t have to make a trip to the gas station
  • Fuel costs are less than a conventional car estimated at $0.50 to $1 a day for a 15 to 30 mile commute
  • Maintenance costs are lower because there are fewer moving parts to service and repair
  • No noisy engine