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Hop on the scooter, you commuter

Machine Design, May 17, 2001

Scooters are becoming a popular means of transportation, and not just for the 12-year-old next door. Geared toward commuters, the Xootr eX3 is claimed to be the smallest and lightest electric scooter in the industry.

Powered by a 24-V brushless dc motor with nickel-metal-hydride batteries, the 19.8-lb scooter accelerates to 12 mph in 5 sec. The scooter, from Nova Cruz Products LLC, Dover, N.H., can hit 17 mph. A choice of battery packs let the scooter travel up to 12 miles between recharges. An extended battery (actually a second standard battery) adds 3 lb. Of course, factors such as rider weight, terrain, and speed of travel adversely affect range.

The eX3 features a variable-speed throttle and rear regenerative braking. The regenerative brake recharges batteries while slowing the scooter. The scooter can also work as a conventional kick. scooter for riders who like exercise. For a smooth ride, the Xootr has 180-mm-diameter wheels with ultraglide polyurethane tires running on nearly frictionless bearings.

The eX3 with standard battery pack can be yours for $899. The extended battery pack jumps the cost to $1,098.

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