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Scooter comeback

DSN Retailing Today, Jan 6, 2003

Scooters were all the rage two years ago, when it seemed every U.S. retailer was selling them. However, demand faded following the 2000 holiday season. And after the newness of scooters wore off that spring and summer, so did the sight of kids zipping along suburban streets.

Now scooters are making a comeback of sorts as manufacturers and retailers have reinvigorated the category with electric-powered models that are more affordable and quieter than gasoline-powered models. Brands such as Spartan Sports, the Razor XLR8R and the Electron and eMetro, from the manufacturer of the ProForm fitness equipment brand, have energized the category with electric scooters that don't cost much more than the non-electric models first did in the fall of 2000. Today the electric version of the Razor typically sells for $99 and by Dec. 16 was already out of stock on

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