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Why Buy A Scooter?

When you buy a Freedom gas or electric scooter, you are getting The Best in Scooters:

The average car trip costs over $.10 per mile in fuel and parts. Imagine how much you can save by using your scooter for trips to work, class and more! Plus, you save even more when you Buy from not from Discount Scooter Shop.

A Time-Saver. In traffic-congested areas, motorized scooters are quicker than cars. Imagine gliding through traffic jams, completely stress-free, on your way to work or to class.

An Earth-Saver. Did you know that the average car emits one pound of CO2 for every mile traveled? Help slow global-warming and use your Gas or Electric scooter instead of your car. For every 500 miles a scooter is used in place of a car, approximately 25 gallons of fuel is saved.

Plus, An Exciting Fun-Time-Maker! Most of all, riding scooters is fun. Feel the wind blow through your hair as you speed down the street. Isn't that better than stuffing yourself into a boxy car to get from place to place? And if you are a parent, there is nothing more fun than riding a scooter

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