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Gas scooters were around for about 20 years. The first company to actually build the first working gas scooter was Go-Ped. This company knows about quality and performance. With their Japanese engines and high performance parts these scooters speed up to around 40 mph. This is very impressive. Now, the Go-Ped company is not the only company that sells gas scooters. One of the other great companies are BladeZ. I have recently purchased one of their scooters and I have got to tell you that this is one of the best hundred bucks I have ever spent in my life. The companies that you would want to get involved with are companies that sell Chinese engines. If you ever want to know the origin of the engine you must call the company to find out that info. This is the best way to get a well built scooter that will last you a while.

Now I am going to start talking about different scooters that are the top of the line scooters in their company.
For the Go-Ped company you have the Trail Ripper. This scooter has a four horsepower engine, ten inch off-road tires, a swing arm suspension system which makes your scooter behave like a dirt bike, chain drive, a steel frame, and front and rear disk breaks. For 1,000 dollars this scooter can be yours. I know the price is steep but for the quality and speed its worth it.

For the BladeZ company there are different scooters with different sized engines. Now the top seller of this company is the 35cc Moby. This scooter starts at around 400 dollars and has quite impressive speed and power. This scooter features a huge deck (big enough for two people), strong tensile steel frame, 10 inch street tires, front disk breaks, rear friction break, a Tanaka Japanese 35cc engine, and a duel belt drive. This scooter can do pretty much every thing. Jumps, off-road riding, you name it. If you want something that can travel easily with you and keep you entertained this is the scooter for you.

My name is Josh and I have been and expert in gas scooters for years and I have also created a website for motorsport lovers.

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